photo(20)I’m Leslie Little, founder of MIC-ALL Machining, Inc. MIC-ALL was a goal that I listed on the resume I wrote while completing Texas State Technical School in 1989. My resume read, “I would like to work at your machine shop and learn to run every piece of equipment in your shop. My goal is to one day own my own machine shop.” That dream became a reality when, in 2005, my wife, Annette and I founded MIC-ALL Machining Inc.

Before opening my shop in 2005, I was very blessed to have worked for three manufacturing facilities in Brenham, Texas. I ran both manual and CNC equipment, large VTLs, large horizontal boring mills, VMCs, lathes, and EDMs. I learned many aspects of machining from repairing of farm equipment, injection-type molds, food processing equipment, and repairs for oil and gas. I machined at all levels from roughing out open tolerances to complex intricate, high precision, close tolerance parts.  As my machining career progressed, I found myself enjoying the challenges of more complex, close tolerance precision parts, leading to the path for MIC-ALL.

As I worked for the other shop owners, I strived to be at the top of their shops, taking on the leadership roles with my “get it done” attitude to get quality machined parts out of the shop.

This attitude and strong work ethic is what sets MIC-ALL Machining apart from other machine shops.  We strive for high quality service of precision machining with competitive pricing and delivery.  Our service to you will be honest and fair.


Complex and Eccentric Parts, Exotic Metals and Alloys Are Our Specialty!

  • CNC and EDM Machining, Milling and Turning

  • The Latest Equipment and Software

  • Complex and Eccentric Parts Don’t Upset Us

  • Metals, Alloys & Plastics

  • Specialists for Oil, Gas & Energy Industry

  • Stainless Steel

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum

  • Inconel

  • Beryllium Copper

  • Brass

  • Most other metals, alloys and plastics


We Provide a Wide Range of Milling, Turning and Machining Services

CNC Horizontal MachiningCNC Horizontal Turning Machine

At MIC-ALL Machining, we specialize in providing high quality machining services to customers in the energy, oil and gas industries.  Our quality and accuracy is well exemplified by our CNC horizontal machining services.

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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)MIC-ALL Houston machine shop with edm capability

Customers that require precision cutting need the most accurate methods, including Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). At MIC-ALL Machining, we have a deeply knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced staff and the best EDM equipment.

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CNC MillingCNC Milling Machine

At MIC-ALL Machining, we provide customers with the finest CNC milling available on the market. Our equipment allows us to fabricate parts at the highest levels of precision, creating components that are vital to the operation of many energy, oil & gas industry applications.

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CNC TurningMIC-ALL Houston area machine shop

MIC-ALL excels at CNC and manual turning. Our company has an impressive array of high quality CNC and manual equipment. Our CNC turning equipment includes some of the most advanced brands in the industry. At MIC-ALL Machining, our work is fully ISO compliant.

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